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For her debut album, which is set to release in March 2024, she dives deep into her childhood and the pains, insecurities, but also joys of becoming a woman. She writes about cultural heritage and uprooting, the female body in modern society and the importance of consent. Her first two single releases “Nearly To The […]

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In September 2022 her song „Baba Said”, which she wrote in support of the Iran Revolution, goes viral on Instagram, and shows her perception of music not only as a means of beauty but a means of political expression. With her unique sound between Amy Winehouse and Kat Frankie, which is deemed “rather incomparable within […]

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„Don’t know where I belong” sings Mina Richman on her debut EP Jaywalker. The question of belonging is a prevalent one in her songwriting. Born in Berlin but raised between two cultures in a small town, the German Iranian singer quickly develops an obsession with music. When visiting her aunt in Berlin she would roam […]